Just like any other device your computer is going to give you problems, and not every business has an IT
section, or a computer wizard in your home  Let us help you get a handle on whatever it is that you need with
your computer or network.  

·        PC Computer and Laptop Repair Service and Troubleshooting
·        Virus and Spam  Removal
·        Wireless Networking
·        Data Recovery
·        Software Suggestion & Installation

If you are running more than 2 PCs or Laptops we can help you network them together either by wireless or
hardwired.  Networking allows you the ability to share files, software, printers, and internet services.  We can
make recommendations that will fit what ever need you have from 3 computers to 30 computers.  

Virus and Spam removal:
Do not let a virus or spam and spyware slow your productivity down.  We offer the latest software tools from
freeware to licensed products to help keep your PC working at top performance.

Wireless is one of the best innovations to come along in a long time.  Go wireless, free your space of cables and
wall jacks.  With a secure wireless access point you can enjoy the freedom of moving around and staying

Data Recovery:
Don't let your hard work, pictures, games, or songs get lost.  We offer support in recovering all these from one
PC to another to helpful backup suggestions so that your data is safeguarded.  Are you buying a new computer
and want the data moved from one to the other?  We can help.

Software Suggestions & Installation:
We don't publish software here at CCS, so when we suggest software for your business you can best believe
you are getting an honest opinion, not a pitch for a product.  Every home and office need is different and there
are a lot of choices to choose from when it comes to buying software.  Let us sort through that for you.